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1953 Fords of the Day

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria

1953 Ford Customline Tudor

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria

1953 Ford Crestline Tudor

1953 Ford Crestline Convertible

1953 Ford V8 Customline Sedan (Australia)

1953 Ford Ad (Canada)

1953 Ford Ad (Canada)

1953 Meteor Sedan Ad (Canada)

1953 Meteor 4-door Sedan

1953 Monarch Full-Line Ad (Canada)

1953 Monarch Convertible

1953 Monarch 4-Door Sedan Ad (Canada)

1953 Ford Taxi

1953 Ford Police Car

1953 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon

1953 Ford Station Wagons

1953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery

1953 Ford X-100 Concept Car

Special thanks to aldenjewell, Hugo90, framas_photos, FordImages.com, coconv, paul.malon, kenmojr
Tags: 50s, cars, flm, sz
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