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1953 Dodges & Plymouths of the Day

1953 Dodge Trucks Ad

1953 Dodge Coronet V-8 Diplomat Hardtop

1953 Dodge Coronet V-8 Convertible

1953 Dodge Coronet V-8 Club Coupe

1953 Dodge Coronet V-8 4-door Sedan

1953 Dodge Coronet Sedan, Mobilgas Economy Run

1953 Dodge Coronet Sierra Wagon

1953 Dodge Mayfair Hardtop Ad (Canada)

Dodge Evolution 1914 to 1953

1953 Plymouth Cranbrooks

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Four Door Sedan

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere

1953 Plymouth Savoy Station Wagon

1953 Plymouth Cambridges

1953 Plymouth Cambridge Club Sedan

1953 Plymouth Ad (Canada)

Да! Чуть не забыл:

1953 Dodge Truck

Special thanks to aldenjewell, paul.malon, icecastle57, hmdavid, Rex Gray, katherinetompkins, thunder jeno, sallycotton @ Flickr
Tags: 50s, cars, chrysler, sz
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